Need to get the word out? Satellite Media Tours, or SMTs, are a great way to share your messaging, because you can do interviews with outlets across the country in just a few short hours. But how do you get the most out of your SMT? Here are some tips to help make your SMT a success!

1.  Time it right.

Choose a date to maximize the impact of your messaging. Be aware of possible competing stories, and try to tie in your messaging to current events or industry trends and news.


2.  Bilingual Spokespersons.
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Consider using a bilingual spokesperson or two separate spokespersons to extend your audience reach to English and Spanish language media outlets.


3.  Here’s a genius thought: You can reach more people by booking more than just TV.

Despite TV being the dominant medium for SMTs, radio and online interviews can give added presence to your message.


4. Don’t hit the snooze button on pitching.

To ensure you get the best interviews possible, reach out early, ideally a month out.


5.  Make everyone feel special when you talk to them.

Localize each pitch interview with statistics that pertain to each market and type of viewer or listener.


6.  Don’t let your spokesperson say this.

Media training is a valuable resource to make sure your spokesperson engages audiences like a rock star!


7. No one likes a Sales Pitch.

Try not to make your messaging sound like a sales pitch. Make your story newsworthy and talk about the news trends in a way that incorporates key messages, without sounding like an advertisement.


8.  Get the word out on every medium possible.

Spread the word about your SMT with digital, movie, fitness clubs and social media outreach. The average listener has to hear your message 7 times to remember it, so cross promoting increases the chance that your messaging will be retained.


9.  Keep distractions out of your background.

Your background can help tell your story in an interesting way, so take some time to make sure the background is something that complements your messaging and/or the image you want to convey.


10.  Contact zcomm and get some help.

Call us at 202-821-1020 x116 or visit www.zpr.com to book your SMT today!

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